About the blog:

In this Blog I’ll be talking about game related subjects. Mostly my thoughts on game news, game design issues and of course I’ll try to talk about some awesome games.

I’ll also talk about whatever game I’m currently anticipating in the “My Watch List” page. I’ll try to put up any current special offers or sales related to games in the “Special Offers” page (some of them will only apply to Sweden).

About myself:

I’m a 2nd year Interaction Design student at K3 in Malmö Högskola. Obviously I have a huge interest in games. I’m interested in a career in game design and perhaps some concept art work. In my spare time I play guitar, read books, watch movies/TV-shows, listen to music, and work on improving my art skills.

Here are links to where I have some of my artwork:


Feel free to contact me using the form below.

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