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Betas! Diablo III and Guild Wars 2

Just a quick post today. There’s a Diablo III open beta this weekend starting tonight around 9 PM if I’m not wrong, so I’ll be playing that this weekend. I’ll let you guys know what I think of it in my next post, and if you try it out yourself we can talk about it more in the comments section. you can create a account, create a BattleTag and download the client here.

I’ll be spending next weekend in the Guild Wars 2 beta, which you’ll have access to if you’ve pre-purchased. I’ll report back with details afterwards and I hope that the game meets my expectations.

If anyone wants to join me, I’ll probably post the name i’ll be using in both betas somewhere in the sidebar to the right. For now I’m out!

Patent trolls…

So I read this article about a company called Worlds.Inc filing a lawsuit against Activision. They claim that both World of Warcraft and the Call of Duty franchise are in violation of one of their patents. This patent covers a “system and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space.” and is the same patent they based a similar lawsuit against NCSoft on (case was dismissed after a settlement). and all I can think of is What The Fuck!

So Worlds.Inc apparently has a patent on the Internet?  It’s just sad to see a system originally created to stop imitation and promote creativity, be used to stifle innovation and just make money off of retarded patents based on mediocre products. Somebody needs to stop this.

Lets hope Activision does a good job of squashing these guys for good. Maybe then they would try to do something useful instead of wanting money for inventing multiplayer…

DRM free and CD Projekt Red announcements

Yesterday I talked a bit about CD Projekt Red and mentioned that they had a few things to announce today. So I watched the stream today and here’s what they got:  The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is now available for Mac on steam for 9.99€. All owners of The Witcher 2 (physical copy or steam) now have a back up copy on, which I thought was kinda nice. Their last announcement was about The Witcher comic which will be available as an interactive digital comic available April 17th on iOS for FREE.

As for “Good Old Games“, they announced that they are offering the original Fallout for FREE. They also announced the start of bringing in new titles and indie titles in addition to the classic games they already offer, Starting with a promo offer on Assassin’s Creed and Heroes V (Links in Special Offers page at the top). All these games will be DRM free, which makes me want to talk about DRM and what publishers are doing to “protect” their property.

What is

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First let me just get this out of the way.I think pretty much everyone can agree that DRM sucks. We saw it on audio CDs and iTunes..etc. years ago and I think we were all happy that ended. Bad news was that they moved on to games… we’ve seen software like SecuROM  using online activation and limiting the number of product activation on different machines. Lots of publishers are moving towards requiring online activation and in some cases requiring the player to remain online while playing with loss of connection kicking you out of the game. Blizzard Tie all their games to and even though there was some uproar about Diablo III requiring a constant connection, that died out pretty quickly (Blizzard explained that it was to ensure no cheating/duping) . Ubisoft are using Uplay and EA are pushing Origin and even Steam is kind of annoying when it comes to playing offline.

While all of this isn’t gonna stop us from doing whatever we have to do to play the games we love, it’s a shame that publishers are making legitimate customers jump through so many hoops and limiting their rights when it comes to owning a game. Used to be that buying a game meant you could play it on your machine, take it over to a friend’s place and play it, let them borrow it and just do whatever you wanted. Thats why I like what GOG are doing. They give you the game DRM free, you can install it wherever you want as much as you want, the prices are decent and they bundle the games with extra stuff like soundtracks, artwork and so on. not to mention the free games you get when you first sign-up (some classic goodies).

Here’s hoping we see less corporate greed and more faith in honest gamers. I’m out!

Witcher Devs showing lots of good will

With The Witcher 2 :Assassin’s of Kings “Enhanced Edition” (wow that’s a mouth full) coming out on April 17th, I can’t help but think of the reasons why I seem to feel a lot of loyalty towards CD Projekt Red. Aside from the fact that I loved everything about The Witcher 2, I believe that the fact that the developer continues to show so much good will towards it’s customers is what inspires this loyalty.

While many companies try to fight piracy using ineffective methods, CD Projekt Red announce that they will never again use DRM. The reason they state being that they feel that it doesn’t protect the game and causes complications for legitimate users.  I also love that when patching The Witcher 2 they added an arena mode, and with the release of the enhanced edition they are adding more cinematics, locations, characters and quests to the game (around 4 hours of content). Notice that they’re not calling it DLC and charging people for it. quite nice right?

Apparently CD Projekt Red are going to give away “a legendary PC RPG” for free on tomorrow, which is also when they’re having their spring conference. From what I understood from this article, this will be available for anyone who already owns The Witcher 2 on PC or anyone who buys it in the future. I’ll update tomorrow when I know more.

Thumbs up CD Projekt Red for being good to their fans. For now check out this cool video, and go get the game 🙂 I’m out!

Here we go! Let’s talk used games

Alright so this is the first post in my new blog. I’m gonna be talking about gaming related topics here and just share some of my thoughts with you guys. So lets get right to it! Used games!

So there’s been some buzz about used games lately. David Braben of Frontier Development recently said that pre-owned games are “Killing single-player games”in an interview on Gamasutra. Denis Dyack took to the stage next and declared that used games are “Cannibalizing the industry!” in this article . The problem as these guys see it, is that the resale of games means that the only revenue the developers get is from the initial release. Most sales 2-3 months after release tend to be of used copies, which don’t benefit the developers financially. I agree with the last part, but that’s all I agree with them on.

If we consider the statement regarding single-player games, we can see that the industry has indeed shifted towards multi-player games in the recent years. Even single-player games are expected to have some sort of multi-player mode attached to justify the price tag upon release. This doesn’t mean that we can simply say that multi-player is what justifies the price tag. It is just a matter of player’s wanting to get their money’s worth. This can be delivered through multi-player modes, adding replay value, DLC, bigger/longer games, or simply making a game so good that you wouldn’t be able to part with it in-case you ever want to experience it’s awesomeness again.

How about a simple example! Go to your nearest retailers and see how many used copies of Skyrim you can find. I know I haven’t seen that many. Because it’s a good game! I’ve personally put at least 70 hours in it and I haven’t finished it yet. The last time I put the disc into my ps3 was about 2 months ago, but I still look over to the shelf every once in a while and think “Soon…” and I even fantasize about creating at least 2 more characters.

We could also take a look at digital distribution methods such as steam. Even discounted games on steam provide good revenue without having the player feel ripped off. According to Thomas Grip of Frictional Games (Penumbra and Amnesia) his company was kept alive for a while on sales from their own digital store and steam. Wolfire Games support themselves using pre-purchase at a reasonable price and offering buyers access to alpha builds and developer diaries.

Journey is now the fastest selling PSN game ever. Why? Great game, well priced.

Just goes to show you that people are willing to pay for games on release as long as they get their money’s worth. And we’ll keep games that are worth the money paid for them. We sell games to get some money back when the game isn’t worth it.

We’ve been trading, borrowing, buying and selling video games ever since we had them.  The game industry is obviously still here. I’m not denying that the market for used games hasn’t gotten bigger, but I do believe that the industry could evolve and maintain the balance.

Im not even going to get into the issue of the player’s rights as an owner of a game disc he/she has purchased… or maybe I should? some other time perhaps. I’m out!